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Weekly Crypto Report, air gap

The past week saw BTC reaching its all-time high price and then falling back to earth. All the cryptosphere basically fell accordingly, with top projects clearly suffering behind. The tone was, therefore, cleraly switched in a somehow abrupt fashion. The market fell together with legacy financial markets. Particularly in the US, inflation rising is becoming more and more of a concern, with interest rates rising and outflows from the best performing stocks of the past months. It is not the first time that BTC fell or rise together with the stock market, with last March immediately coming to mind.

Weekly Crypto Report, Perseverance not alone on Mars

The past week saw another milestone in the history of space exploration, with the Perseverance rover landing on Mars amidst the enthusiasm of NASA and the entire world. Getting “to the moon” is surely a well-known expression in the crypto world. At this point, we can safely say that BTC has traveled far beyond that. Perseverance was a necessary quality for any cryptocurrency investor between 2018 and 2020, and it finally paid off. Bitcoin broke even the 50’000 USD level this week after a couple of days of “flirting” and the trend shows no sign of weakening. Conversely, altcoins are widely following the uptrend, and adding fuel to the rally.

Crypto Marketcap, the rally goes on

The last seven days were great again for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin was even able to get to 50’000 USD for the first time, providing an additional boost that the market needed in order to go higher. Actually, altcoins of each size overperformed BTC pretty comfortably on aggregate. Small-caps performed better than their peers, even if the overperformance was not significant all things considered.

Weekly Crypto Report, in great shape

The last week saw again the crypto market in full swing. All the top projects recorded good performances. With respect to this, we have to note how even the mood in traditional financial markets has switched again to positive. In this phase, it looks like cryptos are benefiting from a similar dynamic to that of the other risky assets, with low rates overall not providing interesting yield opportunities. In this context, new technologies and interesting projects catch the eyes of a wider amount of investors looking for valid alternatives or simply the best opportunity in terms of potential growth.

Weekly Crypto Report, crazier than usual

The last week has been a very crazy one, even by crypto market standards. A trend started in traditional financial markets consisting of subreddits pushing some small-caps stocks higher and higher. Hedge funds and traditional investors in general were caught off-guard, stop loss were triggered on short positions and volatility rose unexpectedly. On the same note, the crypto market experienced a burst in volatility near the end of the week. Subreddits played a role as well, particularly pushing Dogecoin to levels never seen before. Tron was another crypto investors’ favourite, while BTC even benefited from an Elon Musk’s tweet.

Weekly Crypto Report, no end in sight

The crypto market is now worth more than 1’000 billion USD. However, the market capitalization of altcoins is still just about 60% of how much it was at its peak at the beginning of 2018. In other words, an altseason could be around the corner if a pattern already seen in the past is going to be repeated. Actually, the past week has already seen a very good performance of altcoins, as you can see in our table above.
Whatever the case, mediatic exposition is booming for BTC and cryptos, and this is a great occasion for the blockchain technology to showoff the developments of the past couple years.

Crypto Marketcap, together is better

The last seven days were great for the cryptocurrency market. BTC kept rising after the already very positive performance of the past week. However, this time altcoins had their fair share of success as well. Projects of any size enjoyed double-digit positive perofrmances, with BTC only able to overperform our small-cap index. Mid-caps registered the best performance, just barely beating large ones.

Crypto Marketcap, all eyes still on BTC

The last seven days saw another very positive week for BTC, which rose almost 20 percentage points in order to approach 28’000 USD. Altcoins were again not able to keep the pace of BTC. However, the week was positive overall for crypto projects of all sizes. Bitcoin’s dominance is near to the tops of the summer ’19, with other coins due for a recovery in relative terms.

Crypto Marketcap, finding the new normal

The last seven days feaured BTC holding pretty comfortably the price level reached during the previous week. On the other hand, altcoins struggled to keep the same pace and registered negative performances all over the board. Large-caps actually struggled more than small and mid-caps, with Ripple saga with the SEC weighing on the index. Small-caps and mid-caps finished in negative territory and with a very similar performance.

Weekly Crypto Report, 20’000 is no more

It finally happened. After three long years, BTC approached again the 20’000 USD level. In December 2017, it wasn’t able to catch it. Even worse, 20’000 acted as a strong resistance and Bitcoin fell back rapidly. This time around, things went differently. BTC crossed 20’000 USD on December 16th and didn’t stop there. It actually approached USD 24’000 in a crazy two-days rally. Bitcoin eventually fell down but was still able to close at around 22’500 USD.

Crypto Marketcap, an historical week

The last seven days started on a positive note and finished with a bang. Bitcoin finally crossed the 20’000 USD mark and closed the week at its all-time high price. Altcoins still have a lot of margin to grow in a lot of cases. From now on, we enter an uncharted territory. It is going to be fun.

Weekly Crypto Report, only XMR defies the downtrend

The past week was a negative one for the cryptocurrency market. BTC uptrend appears to be losing some steam going into the end of the year. However, finding a sound ground in terms of price around 18’000 USD is an aimportant achievement. The first time BTC crossed the 15’000 USD marks, it was actually able to keep it for less than a couple months. Not pushing considerably back would be a great result in itself.

Crypto Marketcap, widespread suffering

The last seven days were negative overall for altcoins of all sizes. Bitcoin took a breath and closed down circa 3%. Alts followed and, while the market did not crush, it wasn’t certainly a prosecution of these past weeks’ good mood. Bitcoin still overperformed alts, while top projects were surprisingly overperformed, albeit slightly, both from mid-caps and small-caps.

Weekly Crypto Report, whole market pushing higher

The past week was a very positive one for the top cryptocurrencies we cover. Last week proved to be nothing more than a temporary retracement and Bitcoin recovered from it and drove the whole market up. Altcoins were able to follow for the major part, with the whole market capitalization now well over 560 billion USD and very high volumes overall.

Crypto Sectors, no one is left behind

The last seven days were very positive overall for the cryptocurrency market, which is continuing to rise regardless of the sectors. Currencies, platforms and tokens finished with pretty similar performances overall, with investors not being focused so much on sectors for the past week.


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