The past week was a negative one for the cryptocurrency market. BTC uptrend appears to be losing some steam going into the end of the year. However, finding a sound ground in terms of price around 18’000 USD is an aimportant achievement. The first time BTC crossed the 15’000 USD marks, it was actually able to keep it for less than a couple months. Not pushing considerably back would be a great result in itself.

The last seven days were negative overall for altcoins of all sizes. Bitcoin took a breath and closed down circa 3%. Alts followed and, while the market did not crush, it wasn’t certainly a prosecution of these past weeks’ good mood. Bitcoin still overperformed alts, while top projects were surprisingly overperformed, albeit slightly, both from mid-caps and small-caps.

The last seven days saw a significant negative performance for BTC and for altcoins of all levels of market capitalization as well. Some turbulence spilled over from traditional financail markets to cryptocurrencies and caused a fair amount of market turmoil.Large-cap cryptos held better than their peers, with mid-caps second and small-caps finishing last in terms of return.