Top coins in terms of market capitalization posted the worst result overall as already mentioned for the second consecutive week. This time, however, they shared the worst spot in terms of performances with Mid-cap coins. On the other hand, BTC was able to close the week on a more positive tone and finished better than both. The overall effect resulted in a basically unchanged level of BTC dominance.

Bitcoin was actually overperformed by all our groups. Top coins in terms of market capitalization posted the best result overall, followed by medium and small projects. BTC’s dominance keeps therefore falling and is now below 65%. There is still plenty of space for it to reduce even more, with investors apparently considering BTC alternatives in the cryptocurrency space more and more, as testified by our aggregates’ performances this week.

The last seven days were positive for the cryptocurrency market. All our size-based groups registered performance in the green, with a generally positive mood of investors about the space. Small coins were the best performers by far, with the index finishing circa seven points ahead of competitors. Bitcoin overperformed both Mid-cap and Top coins, but these three groups finished with a very similar performance overall.