The past week was an average one for the cryptocurrency market, which saw some very good performances among top projects together with moderately negative performances from the rest of the group. Bitcoin was right in the middle. Three very good performers skew the overall result and make altcoins index overperform BTC for the week. However, altcoins performance was for sure not as widespread as it was during the past week.

The market keeps being in a lateral phase. After several attempts at USD 10’000, Bitcoin does not seem to have the strenght to make another push. Volumes are lowering more and more with each week. Still, total market capitalization is not dropping significantly and BTC’s dominance is not increasing either. In other words, we are not in a typical crypto bear market scenario.

BTC dominance keeps falling in in a context in which BTC itself is struggling to cross and keep the USD 10’000 level, but at the same time is not giving any sign of consistent weakness. In this scenario, altcoins are taking the center stage and the attention of investors. Altcoins’ overperformance is going on since almost a month now and an Altseason scenario could not be so difficult to imagine at this point.