Weekly Crypto Report, waiting for a clear direction

The 99-periods Moving average which was being tested a couple weeks ago held as a support and this keeps the general uptrend for BTC still intact.
On Friday, the market experienced some turbulence after the news that one of OKEx exchange keys-holder was cooperating with a public security bureau because of an investigation. This in turn caused the freezing of withdrawals from the exchange and BTC price to drop 3% in minutes. However, the 11’000 USD level was not touched and the price rebounded afterwards.

Weekly Crypto Report, a tech-stocks like behavior for cryptos

The past week was significantly negative for the cryptocurrency market. BTC price experienced some volatility and rebounded on its 100-periods daily moving average after falling consistently. All the top cryptos fell, with only Cardano (ADA) being able to report a positive result.

Crypto Marketcap , not an easy week for altcoins

The last seven days saw a significant negative performance for BTC and for altcoins of all levels of market capitalization as well. Some turbulence spilled over from traditional financail markets to cryptocurrencies and caused a fair amount of market turmoil.Large-cap cryptos held better than their peers, with mid-caps second and small-caps finishing last in terms of return.


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