The last seven days were positive overall for the cryptocurrency market, with all our sectors registering a positive performance for the second consecutive week.Currencies, Platforms and Tokens were all able to overperform BTC. After a week of Platforms’ dominance, Tokens are back in full swing as the best performing sector according to our indexes. Platforms still managed to hold the second spot, while Currencies were the worst-performing sector, having been affected by a subpar BTC performance.

BTC dominance keeps falling in in a context in which BTC itself is struggling to cross and keep the USD 10’000 level, but at the same time is not giving any sign of consistent weakness. In this scenario, altcoins are taking the center stage and the attention of investors. Altcoins’ overperformance is going on since almost a month now and an Altseason scenario could not be so difficult to imagine at this point.

Bitcoin was actually overperformed by all our groups. Top coins in terms of market capitalization posted the best result overall, followed by medium and small projects. BTC’s dominance keeps therefore falling and is now below 65%. There is still plenty of space for it to reduce even more, with investors apparently considering BTC alternatives in the cryptocurrency space more and more, as testified by our aggregates’ performances this week.