There already are more than 1000 cryptocurrencies circulating in the world. Whatever is the one we decide to hold, setting up a wallet is a mandatory step. A wallet is a digital instrument where cryptocurrencies can be stored. It also allows for transactions to be completed, being able to send and receive cryptos. This is […]


Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currencies. If we simply look at this connotation, we could be able to find numerous examples of digital currencies which have not experienced the same success of Bitcoin, the most famous Crypto. So, what is the key difference between cryptocurrencies and the other ones?   The answer resides in […]

Cryptocurrencies: Introduction

  A cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency based on the use of encryption techniques to regulate its functioning. Encryption techniques are indeed used for verifying transactions made, to create the coins itself and in order to determine how the different parts of the system interacts with each other. We are talking about a […]