Bitcoin was actually overperformed by all our groups. Top coins in terms of market capitalization posted the best result overall, followed by medium and small projects. BTC’s dominance keeps therefore falling and is now below 65%. There is still plenty of space for it to reduce even more, with investors apparently considering BTC alternatives in the cryptocurrency space more and more, as testified by our aggregates’ performances this week.

Currencies and Platforms were able to overperform BTC, while Tokens ranked last and marginally underperformed it. Platforms’ performance was mainly due to two coins offering a very positive result overall, and thus skewing the result. That said, Platforms gut us used to that behavior in the last months and were coming from a relatively quiet period, so this performance was due to happen first or then.

The following table depicts the general situation according to trend and momentum indicators. Triangles’ dimension and colour varies accordingly to the strenght of the indication and its direction. The 5 best and 5 worst coins are provided for 1 hour and 1 day candles settings, for a total of 20 coins. Please note that if a coin is among the best/worst in both timeframes is only considered once. A summary is then provided for all the coins.

The last week was a moderately good one for the market, which is currently in a lateral/consolidation phase in which some of the altcoins are significantly recovering ground with respect to BTC and BTC itself is seemingly still experiencing an uptrend. Legacy financial markets are not shrugging off the levels reached with the post-March rebound and are actually testing relative period highs. This week, Goldman Sachs even released a report casting shadows on BTC’s future.