The cryptocurrency market moved laterally during the past week. BTC failed to rebound significantly but still managed to keep the USD 10,000 level. All in all, volatility was moderate and no news revived the market.

BTC dominance kept falling and is now around 56%. Altcoins have reacted better than the past to BTC price correction, which is a good sign for the market in itself. We are probably going to still see interesting projects being liked by the market and this leaves some more margin of analysis with respect to a market entirely driven by BTC.

The cryptocurrency market has taken a breath during the past week after several weeks of very good performances. Some of the altcoins still posted good results, but the general context was for sure weaker than it was a week ago.

BTC dominance recovered a little but is still below 60%. There aren’t any particular news or development triggering the pause of the upward movement, therefore there is no actual reason to suppose that the positive mood of the market in the last month is coming to an end. This looks more like a lateral week for the market. BTC even tried to push over 12’000 USD and then came back, possibly causing the cool-off of altcoins as well.