30 days platforms correlation matrix, HOT and ZIL stand out

In the last 30 days, Holo (HOT) and Zilliqa (ZIL) reported the lowest correlation levels among platform projects we follow. As reported by the matrix above, the two projects were the only two with a level below 0.5. In particular, HOT reported a level of 0.41 with the peers, while ZIL settled at 0.43.

HOT has a price of 0.00045 and a market capitalization of 74 million USD. In the last seven days, ist price is basically unchanged.

From a Technical Analysis point of view, the indicators we monitor do not represent a positive setting, with MACD nearing a possible inversion.

ZIL has a market capitalization of 0.00697 and a market capitalization of 70 million USD.

In ZIL case, MACD, ADX and Vortex are representing a positive technical setting, reflecting the positive trend of the projects in the last seven days.

Data source: Binance

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