First U.S. Bitcoin Futures

On the 10th of December, CBOE launched the first U.S. Bitcoin Futures. This event had an incredible media coverage and helped Bitcoin to climb to fresh All-time highs.

Will the Futures burst the Bitcoin price bubble? Will they help to decrease Bitcoin price volatility increasing its usability as a currency?

Unfortunately, if you are curious to see who was right you have to wait. The effect of Futures on Bitcoin price still cannot be interpreted because of its really low volume as you can see in the following Trading Data table (


If you are pretty new to Bitcoin’s world, look at the volumes of the first 10 Bitcoin Exchanges (


Obviously, Futures’ numbers are absolutely non-relevant at the moment.

The next event to pay attention to is the CME Bitcoin Futures launch on 18th of December. Here the official Announcement ( A post-launch update will follow. Stay tuned!


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